amo - padlock usb

amo - padlock usb

£19.00 was

release date: january 25 2019 (note: padlock usb orders will ship april 2019)

  • 1gb memory 
  • thick 45cm silver necklace with silver usb padlock
  • usb is retractable
  • padlock is engraved with logo
  • includes mp3 download of the album

please note: final artwork is subject to change.

  1. i apologise if you feel something
  2. MANTRA 
  3. nihilist blues feat. Grimes
  4. in the dark 
  5. wonderful life feat. Dani Filth
  6. ouch 
  7. medicine 
  8. sugar honey ice & tea 
  9. why you gotta kick me when i’m down? 
  10. fresh bruises 
  11. mother tongue 
  12. heavy metal feat. Rahzel
  13. i don’t know what to say

this is a pre-order and orders are expected to ship in april 2019. orders are not part shipped so if you wish to order other album formats which are released 25th january we recommend placing a separate order.